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Please practice good "PET-itquette"

Mountain Lakes is a pet friendly property. We enjoy all the furry friends that like to come and visit. However, before you stop on in, check out our rules in regards to your dog(s) or cat(s).

1. Pets must be leashed and kept under owners control at all times.

2. Always pick up after your pet. For your convenience, there are waste disposal stands and bag dispensers located throughout the park.

3. Vaccinations must be current and proof must be shown upon park employees request.

4. Pets may not be left caged, tethered or unattended outside.

5. Please be aware of threats posed by local wildlife such as snakes, bobcats and coyotes

6. Should your pet get out, please notify the front office immediately

7. Please control your pet's bark. You may be used to it but others are not. You will be asked to remove any disruptive pets.

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