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Camping in Rainy Weather

In the past few days California has been hit with a much needed rain. However don't let this put a damper on your camping plans! Check out some ideas for staying warm, having fun and being prepared for this change in weather.

1. The Right Site Matters

Picking the right camping site will make your trip worth while. Look for sites that don't have soft areas and avoid sites that may have flooded in the past.

2. Invest in Tarps

Ah, yes. Tarps will do wonders for keeping areas dry and out of the rain. Use tarps for common areas, dining areas and kitchen areas. Pitching a tarp over your kitchen area can keep your food warm and dry.

If you're tent camping, use a tarp to create an extra layer both on the ground and above the tent. This will create an additional rain free area.

3. Packing Preparation

You never know what type of weather that you are going to step into. You might call it over packing but we call it preparing for the storm. May sure to always pack warm clothing, a few long sleeve shirts and some pants. We promise, this won't hurt the suitcase. Make sure to bring your raincoat and umbrella. Try even investing in a rain poncho and rain boots just in case you run into the muddy weather. If you have extra room, keep towels around. This will allow you to clean up excess rain that may enter your tent.

4. Never Enough Plastic Bags

These can do wonders! Use plastic bags to store wet clothing, protect unused firewood, your hiking bag and other items you want to avoid getting wet. No matter what size the bag is, you'll find some use for it.

5. Comfort Feels a Bit Like Home

Sometimes being in the rain makes you want to head for the hills, or more like home. Keep a smile on your campers face and make things like soup, hot cocoa or maybe even a campfire pizza. It may not make the rain stop but it sure will make the time pass by.

6. Never Enough!

Layers will do wonders in the cold. Layers can help keep your body temperature up and keep you warm while out doing fun activities. Layers will also help retain the body heat when its time for you to cool down. Try to avoid cotton when out in the rainy weather. Cotton stays wet and that's not a good thing when trying to stay warm. Invest in polyester or wool based clothing just in case. Bring along an extra set of these styles so you'll have them ready when you make it back to your campsite.

7. Don't Forget to Air Out

So it's been an interesting couple of days camping in the rainy weather. Everything is soaked and you just want to get inside to heat and a comfortable couch. However, don't forget to air out your wet items. Let me tell you that you do not want to let these items sit! By doing this, you'll avoid the mold, mildew and everything else that comes with wet items.

In the end, be prepared for the unexpected. You'll thank us later!

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