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25 Camping Hacks

It's time to go camping but before you head out, here are some hacks that might make your storage a little lighter and your RV a little roomier.

1. Feeling a little stiff? Use foam floor tiles to soften up your sleep space.

2. Don't get caught! Educate yourself on the poisonous plants where you are headed.

3. Get crafty. Those that keep a lighter handy knows it gets lost from time to time. As a backup plan, attach sandpaper to your match holder for an easier light.

4. A Folgers can isn't just good for your coffee. It can also be repurposed to hold and protect your toilet paper.

5. Spice up your campfire food. Use Tic Tac boxes to store spices for easy travel.

6. Addicted to your coffee? Take it on the go by grabbing some coffee filters, filling them with your favorite flavor and then securing them with dental floss.

7. Stay fresh and clean. Grab a bar of soap and a vegetable peeler to create single-use soap pieces.

8.Wash those hands! Old detergent containers make a great hand wash station when camping.

9. Keep those bugs away...If you add bundles of sage to your fire, it will keep those mosquitos away and you'll survive another day. :)

10. Yummy alert! Roast a starburst. Nothing behind it, its just that good.

11. Afraid to get lost? If you're hiking and not too sure of your path, grab some bright biodegradable tape to mark your trail and guide you back to your campsite.

12. Soak it up right. Grab some microfiber towels for any messes. They are lightweight and super absorbed.

13. Not really an ice person? Freeze a few gallon jugs of water as an alternative.

14. Shoes a little wet? If you remove your insoles and stuff them with a shirt or newspaper, it will dry them overnight.

15. Hand Sanitizer isn't just for your hands. You can use it to start a "germ free" fire.

16. Saving space? Cut up straws to use as single serving toothpaste holders

17. Organization + creativity = something great! Have a shoe rack hanging around? If so, use it as your outdoor kitchen organizer that can be hung. Fill this handy organizer with all your kitchen essentials

18. Just what nature prescribed. Have any prescription bottles laying around? Use them as a first aid kit while camping.

19. Have the tastin' for some popcorn by the campfire? Place popcorn kernels and vegetable oil in aluminum foil. Roast over the fire and you'll have the perfect evening snack.

20. DIY cable holder- Your chargers and their cables are important. Use a pencil or sunglass case to store them in your backpack or suitcase.

21. Slapjacks on the go - If you can't go without this tasty breakfast, freeze some pancake batter in a ziploc bag. You'll have the yummiest wilderness breakfast.

22. Contain your snacks. Don't want to lug around those big cereal boxes? Reuse coffee mate containers to store snacks.

23. Stay outside dirt! Bring a welcome mat with you to keep dirt out of the tent and/or RV.

24. Say what? Your yoga mat isn't just for complex stretches. Use your yoga mat to make a good cushion for your sleeping bag.

25. Please don't float away. Keys and river/lakes don't make a good combo. Attach a cork to your keys so they float off.

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